Monday, 27 July 2015

1st PSG Appreciation Night by PTA

Dear Parents, we forward the following from the PTA:
The Nanyang PTA would like to cordially invite 5-10 of parents from Parent Support Groups to the 1st PSG Appreciation Night. This is an evening for fun and appreciation for all CCA Parents who put in hours of hard work to ensure their children attend CCA trainings, activities and competitions. The costs will be borne by the PTA and we hope the parents will come together for a lovely evening to chit-chat and mingle. Teachers, Coaches and Instructors are also cordially invited. (Invitation not open to children, as PTA wishes it to be a relaxed evening for all adults)

Details of 1st PSG Night as follows :
Date & Time  - Saturday, 1st August,  530pm-9pm
Venue             - Nanyang Primary School Hall

i.   Video Montage of CCAs in action
ii.  Door Gifts
iii. Music
iv. Buffet cum Pot-Luck Dinner (By PTA and parents are welcome to contribute potlock)  
Do email Mr Kelvine Chong (Mobile: 98283820)

on your confirmed numbers.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Temporary Change of venue and timing for Friday Training (Start from today 10/7)

Our training venue-Malan Rd is under minor construction-one court is down.Hence we decided to change Friday training venue to  NYPS's CRC indoor tennis court temporary until further notice.

Please meet at Meeting Point, 2pm to follow the Teacher and Coach to the court.The training will end around 5.30pm .