Friday, 30 January 2015

Join us for the CCA Values in Action activity, 6-2-2015, 2-3pm at NYPS

Dear Pupils,
It is time for us to work together to help the needy!
You are all invited to join us in the Values in Action activity to help in the packing of food donated at our Food Drive.
It is an opportunity for us to work as a team for a good cause.
Hope to see you there!

Date: 6-2-2015, Friday
Time: 2-3pm
Attire: PE attire
Venue: Meeting Point

Important Note:
Training start at 3.30pm. We will board the bus to Malan Rd at 3pm.

Dear Parents,
Please go the link below (copy and paste to browser) to indicate your consent for your child's participation in the Values in Action activity by 4-2-2015. Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
Tennis Cca Teachers

Fixtures for the National Primary Schools Tennis Championships 2015

Dear Parents and Pupils,

As we anticipate bad weather during this season, remember to be patient as we wait for the  convener's decision; whether to wait out the rain or to postpone the match. Do stay close to the team at all times. 

What does competition mean to you as a sportsman?
Competition is about playing one's best and staying focus when it is most difficult. 
Competition is about sportsmanship.
Competition is about taking turns to support each other.
Competition is about taking on linesman duty with enthusiasm and pride.
Competition is about winning humbly, losing gracefully.

Three cheers for Nanyang!!!

The fixtures for the National Primary Schools Tennis Championships 2015, for ALL divisions is 

There is a change of venue for the Junior Girls Division. We are in  Group B ,so we will play our games at ACS (Junior) courts. For the rest of the division,we will play at PESEB courts as last time.
Dear parents, please note that there is no parking facility for the ACS (Junior) courts. The nearest parking area is Newton Food Centre car park.
We will give out the consent form to the players next Monday, 2 Feb 2015. 
do indicate your transport arrangement. 
For those who have not submitted your EZlink card to us,do remember to bring your cards on Monday, we will collect it from you.

Thank you and have a nice weekend.

Best regards,
Tennis CCA teachers

Monday, 12 January 2015

Training Schedule Term 1: Week 1-5

13 Jan
Training at PESTA 3-6pm
14 Jan
- Meet at Greet for all pupils 2-2.45pm at Class 3F, level 5. 
- Training continues after it at NYPS.
- NYGH4-6pm.
16 Jan
Training at PESTA 3-6pm
20 Jan
Training at PESTA 3-6pm
21 Jan
Training at NYPS
2-3.45pm and
NYGH 4-6pm
23 Jan
Training at PESTA 3-6pm
27 Jan
Training at PESTA 3-6pm
28 Jan
Training at NYPS
2-3.45pm and
NYGH 4-6pm
30 Jan
Training at PESTA 3-6pm
2 Feb
Training at PESTA 3-6pm
3 Feb
Training at NYPS
2-3.45pm and
NYGH 4-6pm
6 Feb
Training at PESTA 3-6pm

Important Information for Players and CCA Members

Dear pupils,
Welcome back!
Here are the items we will be discussing at the coming Meet and Greet sessions for all Tennis CCA pupils. It will be on Wednesday 2-2.45pm, training resumes after it. We will be giving out the Tennis T-shirt too.

1) Respect others (Teachers, coach, team mates, …) Spare a thought for others. Volunteer your help where you can.

2) Display good manners and behavior at all times. E.g. During assembly, lessons, recess, training, competition, on the bus/taxi and dismissal. Greet all the people you meet with a smile and Good Morning / Afternoon /
Hello / Hi (Principle, Vice-principle, Teachers, Office Staff, Uncles and Aunties who look after the school and Parents who fetch you home). Remember to show your appreciation by thanking people who care or help you.

3) Much of your time will be spend on trainings. Use your time wisely and finish all your schoolwork and revision for spellings/test/orals/assessments punctually.

4) Maintain a healthy diet and stay well hydrated at all times. Have sufficient sleep. Trainings and competition needs you to be at your best to be learning well and safe.

5) Before training, greet your teacher, coach and teammates with a smile and Good Afternoon / Hello / Hi.
- Wear your attire neatly and tucked in.
- During training, listen attentively.
- Speak politely.
- Encourage each other.
- Thank the coach for each advice and skill he imparted you.
- Thank the teacher for looking after you.
- Say Goodbye to everyone before leaving.

6) Competition.
- Taking part in competitions is an experience to learn to win and lose graciously.
- Stay focus and calm.
- Be punctual.
- Dress neatly.
- Check your equipment.
- Sleep early.
- Thank your opponent, officials, coach, teammates, teachers and parents who encourage and cheer for you after the game.

7) Our school motto as our guiding principle.

Bring or wear:
1) Wear your attire neatly tucked in.
2) Water bottles (1liter at least)
3) Sunblock
4) Cap
5) Racket
6) 1 tennis ball (for warm up)

Training Area:
1) Place your school bags and things neatly at the training area.
2) Rest your racket at your bag if you are not using.
3) Pick up the balls quickly and get ready to practice.
4) Practice every skill diligently.
5) Learn from each other.
6) Try your best.
7) Thank the coach and teammates when they impart new skills and techniques to you.
8) Stay well hydrated.
9) Keep the place clean. Pick up all litter before leaving.

Have a wonderful 2015!

Best regards,
Tennis CCA Teachers

Important information for parents

Dear Parents,
Thank you for your support in 2014. We look forward to working together in 2015. The area we would like to emphasis in our pupils is positive behavior at all times. We will be encouraging:
* Good manners: E.g. greeting and thanking others (Teachers, Coach, Teammates, Officials, Opponents and people we meet)
* Good team spirit: E.g. Encouraging and caring for each other.
* Good sportsmanship and court etiquettes.
* Positive ways to overcome disappointment and losing.

For administration, these are the details we require:
* Please go to to update the information for your child
* Consent forms and updates on medical conditions (a nil reply on the form is appreciated)
* Transportation needs to PESTA Tennis Courts (Malan Road) for training. 

There were many occasions where no pupils or less than 3 pupils took the charter bus to training. Hence, we will be collecting the data of transportation needs of 2015 to decide which day we will use taxi / chartered bus to bring pupils to PESTA Tennis Courts.
o If 3 or less pupils require transport, we will take a taxi (1 teacher + maximum of 3 pupils).
o If 4 or more pupils require transport, we will charter a bus. (1 teacher + minimum of 4 pupils).

Training schedule and venue:
* We are continuing the same venue and timing for our training. Pupils will continue to attend the training sessions as 2014. As the pupils progress in their skills level, we will update you on the changes in the training sessions where necessary.
* Tuesday and Friday at PESTA Tennis Courts (Malan Rd), 3-6pm. Both with one-way transport departing from Meeting Point at 2.10pm.
* Wednesday training at NYPS, 2-3.45pm. And 4-6pm at NYGH. No transport provided.
* For pupils who are involved in intensive tennis trainings externally (Junior Squad, personal training and others), please attend our Wednesday 4-6pm training at NYGH.

Best regards,
Tennis CCA Teachers

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Welcome back! Training resumes on Tuesday, 13-1-15. Meet-and-greet is on Wednesday, 14-1-2015, 2-2.45pm. Submit ez-link cards.

Dear parents and pupils,
Welcome back!
We will post the training schedule, venues and days once it is confirmed.
- Our training will start in Week 2, Tuesday 13 January 2015, PESTA Tennis Courts (Malan Rd), one-way transport only.
- Our Meet-and-greet session for all pupils will be on Wednesday, 14 Jan 2015, 2.00-2.45pm at classroom of 3J (level 4). Training will resume after it. Please bring your ez-link cards to submit to the teachers.

Best regards,

Tennis Teachers-in-charge
Chong Wan'er – Team Manager for Primary 6 Girls  ( 
Yee Yin Mei – Team Manager for Primary 6 Boys  (
Denise Zhou – Logistics Manager (
Chai Wannin – Team Manager for Primary 4 and 5 Girls (Assistant Head) (,sg)
Lui Wan Fern – Team Manager for Primary 4 and 5 Boys and all others (Head) (