Monday, 12 January 2015

Important information for parents

Dear Parents,
Thank you for your support in 2014. We look forward to working together in 2015. The area we would like to emphasis in our pupils is positive behavior at all times. We will be encouraging:
* Good manners: E.g. greeting and thanking others (Teachers, Coach, Teammates, Officials, Opponents and people we meet)
* Good team spirit: E.g. Encouraging and caring for each other.
* Good sportsmanship and court etiquettes.
* Positive ways to overcome disappointment and losing.

For administration, these are the details we require:
* Please go to to update the information for your child
* Consent forms and updates on medical conditions (a nil reply on the form is appreciated)
* Transportation needs to PESTA Tennis Courts (Malan Road) for training. 

There were many occasions where no pupils or less than 3 pupils took the charter bus to training. Hence, we will be collecting the data of transportation needs of 2015 to decide which day we will use taxi / chartered bus to bring pupils to PESTA Tennis Courts.
o If 3 or less pupils require transport, we will take a taxi (1 teacher + maximum of 3 pupils).
o If 4 or more pupils require transport, we will charter a bus. (1 teacher + minimum of 4 pupils).

Training schedule and venue:
* We are continuing the same venue and timing for our training. Pupils will continue to attend the training sessions as 2014. As the pupils progress in their skills level, we will update you on the changes in the training sessions where necessary.
* Tuesday and Friday at PESTA Tennis Courts (Malan Rd), 3-6pm. Both with one-way transport departing from Meeting Point at 2.10pm.
* Wednesday training at NYPS, 2-3.45pm. And 4-6pm at NYGH. No transport provided.
* For pupils who are involved in intensive tennis trainings externally (Junior Squad, personal training and others), please attend our Wednesday 4-6pm training at NYGH.

Best regards,
Tennis CCA Teachers

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