Monday, 12 January 2015

Important Information for Players and CCA Members

Dear pupils,
Welcome back!
Here are the items we will be discussing at the coming Meet and Greet sessions for all Tennis CCA pupils. It will be on Wednesday 2-2.45pm, training resumes after it. We will be giving out the Tennis T-shirt too.

1) Respect others (Teachers, coach, team mates, …) Spare a thought for others. Volunteer your help where you can.

2) Display good manners and behavior at all times. E.g. During assembly, lessons, recess, training, competition, on the bus/taxi and dismissal. Greet all the people you meet with a smile and Good Morning / Afternoon /
Hello / Hi (Principle, Vice-principle, Teachers, Office Staff, Uncles and Aunties who look after the school and Parents who fetch you home). Remember to show your appreciation by thanking people who care or help you.

3) Much of your time will be spend on trainings. Use your time wisely and finish all your schoolwork and revision for spellings/test/orals/assessments punctually.

4) Maintain a healthy diet and stay well hydrated at all times. Have sufficient sleep. Trainings and competition needs you to be at your best to be learning well and safe.

5) Before training, greet your teacher, coach and teammates with a smile and Good Afternoon / Hello / Hi.
- Wear your attire neatly and tucked in.
- During training, listen attentively.
- Speak politely.
- Encourage each other.
- Thank the coach for each advice and skill he imparted you.
- Thank the teacher for looking after you.
- Say Goodbye to everyone before leaving.

6) Competition.
- Taking part in competitions is an experience to learn to win and lose graciously.
- Stay focus and calm.
- Be punctual.
- Dress neatly.
- Check your equipment.
- Sleep early.
- Thank your opponent, officials, coach, teammates, teachers and parents who encourage and cheer for you after the game.

7) Our school motto as our guiding principle.

Bring or wear:
1) Wear your attire neatly tucked in.
2) Water bottles (1liter at least)
3) Sunblock
4) Cap
5) Racket
6) 1 tennis ball (for warm up)

Training Area:
1) Place your school bags and things neatly at the training area.
2) Rest your racket at your bag if you are not using.
3) Pick up the balls quickly and get ready to practice.
4) Practice every skill diligently.
5) Learn from each other.
6) Try your best.
7) Thank the coach and teammates when they impart new skills and techniques to you.
8) Stay well hydrated.
9) Keep the place clean. Pick up all litter before leaving.

Have a wonderful 2015!

Best regards,
Tennis CCA Teachers

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