Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tennis Competition Schedule

Please note that there has been an amendment to the Junior and Senior Girls Fixtures. The fixture scheduled for Thursday, 16th Feb will be re-scheduled to Friday, 17th Feb. This change is due to a clash in schedules. Updated 31 January 2017.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Tuesday, 24-1-2017, wet weather, training in nyps

Wet weather today, training will be in NYPS. 

Meet and Greet+Training

Dear parents and pupils
We will have our Meet and Greet this coming Wednesday, 25-1-2017, 2.00-2.30pm at the CRC tennis courts for all pupils in Tennis CCA to meet the teachers and interact with each other. Fruits and light snacks will be provided by the teachers. You are welcome to bring some tidbits to share with others. 
From 2.30pm onwards, we will start training. 
See u there!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

17-1-2017, Tuesday Training will be at NYPS

Dear Parents and Players
17-1-2017, Tuesday training will be at NYPS, 4.00-5.30pm instead of St Margaret's Tennis Courts.
Thank you.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Welcome back.

Dear Parents and Pupils,
Welcome back!
Training will start in Week 2, 10 January 2017. Each pupil have to attend one training session as allocated last year. See you at training.
Tuesday training: 
Training: 3.45-6.00pm
Skill level: Intermediate /Advance
Venue: St Margaret's Secondary School's Tennis Courts. However, in the event of rain or high chance of rain, we will train at NYPS Tennis Courts and training will end earlier at 5.30pm. In this case, we will post it on the blog and ask the players to inform their parents.
Meet at 3.45pm, Meeting Point and walk to the Tennis Courts with the Teacher. 
(Pupils interested to take part in the National Tennis Competition are to attend this training session)

Wednesday training:
Training: 2.00-3.45pm
Skill level: Beginner 
Venue: NYPS Tennis Courts. 

Wednesday training:
Training: 4.00-5.30pm
Skill level: Intermediate /Advance
Venue: NYPS Tennis Courts. 

Friday training:
Training: 2.00-5.30pm
Skill level: Intermediate /Advance
Venue: NYPS Tennis Courts. 

Training Schedule: Updated 1-2-2017
Term 1
Week 2
9 Jan
10 Jan
- P4 CCA Orientation
-Training at SMSS
11 Jan
Training at NYPS

12 Jan
13 Jan
Training at NYPS

Term 1
Week 3
16 Jan
17 Jan Training at SMSS
18 Jan
Training at NYPS

19 Jan
20 Jan
Training at NYPS

Term 1
Week 4
23 Jan
24 Jan
Training at SMSS
25 Jan
Training at NYPS

26 Jan
27 Jan
Holiday Eve
No Training
Term 1
Week 5
30 Jan

31 Jan
No Training
1 Feb
Training at NYPS

2 Feb
3 Feb
Training at NYPS
No training. Competition for 

Term 1
Week 6

National Tennis Competition: 6 February to 4 April 2017
Training to dates will be posted after we receive the completion schedule.
For past experience, there are few/no training as many of the competition days clashes with our training. Please check here for updates before coming for training.
Term 1
Week 7

Term 1
Week 8

Term 1
Week 9

Term 1
Week 10

SMSS: St Margaret Secondary School Tennis courts
NYPS: Indoor Tennis courts at CRC

Best regards,
Tennis CCA Teacher In Charge
Yee Yin Mei
Lim Kuan Chin
Lim Chun Ni 
Lui Wan Fern