Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Make-up matches and clashes with field trips

Dear players and parents,
Please note that the match-up matches will resume with the same players and linesmen, following the order of the line-up submitted earlier. 

For pupils with clashes between field trips and competition, please inform your field trip teacher in charge to request for a swop of field trips days. We understand the difficulty in balancing both the commitment to sports and studies at this point. Let's cheer each other on to continue the good work! If your child is unable to continue the matches or linemen duty for any reason,  please inform us and we will inform the organizer and follow the protocol they set for the games. 

As the duration of the tennis matches are unpredictable, please make arrangements to stay until 6pm as that is the time the organizer had set as the cut-off time for afternoon matches. We also understand the trouble that the parents have go through to make arrangements for tuition/enrichment/personal commitments during the competition season. Thank you for your support during this season. 

As we near the end of the competition season, let us continue the good team spirit of cheering and caring for each other until the last member finishes his/her match/linemen duty. 

3 cheers for the good sportsmanship display by Nanyang players!

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