Monday, 25 July 2016

FAQ for pupils interested to join our Cca

Dear parents
Thank you for your interest in the Tennis CCA. We are honored that more parents are encouraging their child to join this sport. The team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions for potential players. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1) When is the Primary 4 CCCA orientation and selection held?
It will be held in January of each year for the Primary 4 pupils. A letter will be given to you to inform you of the details. 

2) Why are there 3 different training days per week?
Pupils are group together according to their skill level as follows:

Cca /beginner level: Wednesday, 2.00-3.45pm 

Intermediate level: 3 groups 
What are the training attire and equipment required?
Training attire
School Pe t-shirts and school Pe shorts. 
Or Tennis Cca t-shirt and school Pe shorts. 
Essential items:
a) personal racket
b) water bottle 

Tennis shoes. 
Pupils are to wear their school shoes during curriculum hours and change into their tennis shoes for training. 

3) If my child is in Primary 1, 2 or 3, can they join Tennis Cca?

From past experience, majority of the Primary 1-2 pupils have not develop muscular strength to handle the speed and spin of the tennis balls at full court playing and will feel discouraged from constantly missing the ball. 
Thus Primary 1-2 pupils and beginners are more suited for one-to-one /small group coaching instead of joining big group training such as the school CCA. They should also train in the smaller courts using the bigger training balls. 
However, we do accept highly skilled Primary 1 pupils who train with us after going through a selection trial with our school coach.

Primary 3 pupils who have the basic full court playing experience are welcome to join us. However, do note that our CCA/beginner group is currently full and there will be a long wait time to hit the ball as there is only 1 court in school.

Interested pupils are required to attend a selection trial on Wednesdays, based on the tennis training schedule. Please email the teachers in charge at to make an appointment a few days in advance. Our coach will advise if your child is suitable to join our training. 
Do take note that ONLY Primary 4-6 pupils will have CCA membership indicated in their report books.

Thank you and have a nice day. 
Best regards,
Lui Wan Fern

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